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If you'd like to donate a computer to a student in need, please fill out this form.

COVID-19 Remote Learning

During the COVID-19 lockdown, online learning has become the only way students to receive their education. And yet, 35% of households in the US with school-agee children and an annual income of under $30,000 do not have access to adequate technology for learning at home. For example, over 11,600 students in San Jose alone do not have a computer to learn with, missing out the opportunities to learn, grow, and become successful. This is the goal of the IT Club - we keep devices out of the e-waste and put them into the hands of students and families where they belong.

We have refurbished over 100 computers and donated to students to enable online learning. Repaired computers are donated to various nonprofit organizations (KAFPA, Help One Child, Bay Echo, Bay Initiative, etc.) and directly to families in need in the Bay Area.

Donate a computer to a family in need

By donating a computer (Laptop, Desktop or Macbook), you directly help a family in need by giving them access to the awesome benefits of technology. Even if it's broken, that's okay - we can still repair and donate it. We disinfect all devices and factory-reset them among other services, so your personal data is safe.

We accept computer donations of all ages and in any condition - it doesn't matter if there are missing keycaps, a cracked screen, or loud fan, among other issues. The computers don't even have to be in one piece--we can rapidly repair, reset, and donate devices that have arrived to us in even the worst condition.

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