If you are a middle or high school student who is interested in volunteering for the IT Club, please fill out this application form! We are looking for students who have experience in STEM and want to give back to their community.

How to Apply For Volunteer Hours

If you are part of the IT Club leadership team, you may record your volunteer hours in the following spreadsheet. If you are not in the IT Club leadership team, you must self-track your volunteer hours and email admin@the-it-club.org in order to get your volunteer hours approved. Please send an email indicating the service date, activity, and hours when requesting volunteer hours. Once your volunteer hours are approved, the IT Club will send you a signed pdf.

President’s Volunteer Service Award

The President’s Volunteer Service Award is a program which gives citizens the opportunity to receive recognition for the community service they do. The IT Club's PVSA season begins on Sept 1st and ends Aug 31st the following year.

In order to apply for the PVSA from IT club, you can download this template form and send an email to admin@the-it-club.org with an attachment of the filled form. Please note that the IT club accepts up to 40% of total verified volunteer hours from other non-profit organizations for those who are registered as IT club members. The rest must be volunteer hours obtained from IT Club activities. We do not accept volunteer hours from other organizations unless we obtain verified proof, which includes official volunteer documents with the header of the external organization and signatures from the organization's representative(s).

Qualifying hours


  • Volunteering at an event you signed up for and received confirmation for your role/responsibility

  • Planning/leadership meetings that you contribute to and prepare for

  • Sending emails related to event planning/preparation

Doesn't qualify:

  • Communicating in a IT Club group chat

  • Lack of service or engagement while volunteering

  • Failing to follow IT Club Volunteer Agreement (Code of Conduct) while volunteering

  • Coming to an event without signing up

  • Signing up to an event but not showing up

  • Meetings in which you do not contribute any meaningful content

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