Core Team (2023-2024 Academic Year)

Brian D.


Brian Deng is a junior at Monta Vista High School. Most of what he likes is related to technology. He does cybersecurity challenges. Brian is also learning about making iOS apps. He likes to play video games, watch videos about computer hardware, read books, and talk online during his free time. He refurbishes computers and helps manage computer donations as part of his role in the IT Club.

Kathy W.


Kathy is a junior at Saratoga High School.  She is passionate about music, reading, baking.  She is currently a reporter for the Saratoga falcon, and is part of the SHS cross country.  Outside of school, Kathy enjoys playing the flute at CPYO. During her free time, Kathy loves to bake as well as reading random news articles.  At the IT club, she helps maintain The IT Club website and manage volunteer hours.

Eamon W.

VP of Operations and Branding; Director of New York Branch

Eamon is an 8th grader at The Masters School in Dobbs Ferry, New York. He is in the Robotics team, a first-of-its-kind Geometry class, and a cross-country runner. At The IT Club, Eamon has lead club meetings, fixed up dozens of computers, and has lead the IT Club's first ever brand refresh, and has made substantial changes to the website.

Ben G.

VP of Outreach

Ben is a freshman at Saratoga High School. He currently manages the IT Club's outreach initiatives and communication channels.

Rick L.

VP of Partnerships

Rick is a senior at Saint Francis High School. He loves playing water polo, lifting, and cooking. In School, he is on the board of the SFHS 3D Printing Club, and the starting goalie for the varsity water polo team. Outside of school, he is the co-founder and president of the Quantum Auxilia Leo Club, a volunteering organization. He also enjoys playing chess with grandmasters (currently at a whopping 600 rating).

Branch Directors

Ethan Z.

Co-Founder and Director of Berkeley IT Club Branch

Ethan is a sophomore at UC Berkeley who is passionate about science and technology and loves using them to solving problems in the engineering field. He was named a Regeneron Science Talent Search Scholar and a MIT THINK Scholars Finalist for his science research.  At the IT Club. he manages all the organization's technology and provides electronics repair services for students and teaches others how to repair their own devices. He is also the President of Berkeley IT Club branch, manages all of its operations.  

Susan X.

Director of Arizona Branch

Susan is a student at UC Irvine. She loves reading, making music, and cooking. She has been involved in her school’s Science Olympiad Team, UNICEF Club, Mock Trial Team, and various other clubs. She has been playing in the marching band as part of the Front Ensemble for the past three years. Outside of school, Susan has continued to play piano and oboe for years, and has participated in research regarding antennae and lenses for automotive driving. She has also previously organized a speaker series for middle school aged children in her community to learn more about STEM and Business fields. 

David Z.

Director of California Southern Branch

David is a junior at University High School in Irvine, California who is passionate about reading, cooking, technology, and the outdoors. At school, David is involved in the high school swim team and his school's investment club. Outside of school, he has been playing the piano for many years and has spent a considerable amount of time volunteering at local non-profit organizations. He is also a Life Scout and has partaken in numerous high adventure trips with his troop. David enjoys cooking & baking new things, and spends time working on drawing, photography, and video projects in his free time. 

Melody L.

Director of Minnesota Branch

Melody is a sophomore at Eden Prairie High School in Minnesota. She is involved in band, math team and also takes college level courses at the University of Minnesota. Outside of school, she is a member of US figure skating. She trains and competes with EPFSC. In her free time, Melody enjoys baking and reading, as well as spending time with animals. She also enjoys working with young children. 

Bruce Z.

Director of New Jersey Branch

Bruce is a sophomore at Glen Rock High School in Glen Rock, New Jersey. He enjoys pursuing the visual arts, and often spends time on digital art and animation. In the past he has been involved in different groups and organizations such as the State competition level FLL team, Cyborgs, as well as the Fort Lee location of BCDC (Bergen County Debate Club). He occasionally participates in art related events/competitions, and often works on pieces for online bulletins. 

Siva I.

Director of Texas Branch

Siva is a senior at Prosper High School in Prosper, Texas. He is very passionate about Business, Civic Engagement, and Technology and loves to explore how all three of these intersect in today’s society. He is involved in DECA, Model United Nations, Next Generation Politics, and other clubs at his school, leading many of them. In his free time, Siva loves to read from outlets such as the New York Times & Scientific American and volunteers with numerous non-profit organizations. Siva has recently completed an internship with his city’s financial department.