Over 118,000,000,000 pounds of e-waste are produced each year

Much of this e-waste isn't even "broken"--they're things like laptops that are old but still turn on, desktops that became filled with dust, Joy-Cons with drifting issues, and decommissioned servers.

We can repair, refurbish, and upgrade your devices, for free, to prolong the life of your devices, so you save money and, together, we keep the devices out of e-waste pile.

About our repairs

If you'd like to have us work on a device, simply fill out this request form. We'll email you as quickly as possible to schedule a repair.

We have years of experience under our belts, but there are some devices that are not repairable due to their design. For a list of such devices, please see our FAQ.

Minor repairs, like replacing thermal paste, are free and we will rely on donations for those. However, for part replacements or upgrades (like CPU/graphics cards), we will bill you the cost of the component, since these are too expensive to be covered by donations.

Laptop repairs

  • Changing the battery

  • Applying thermal paste

  • Thermal upgrades

  • Fan replacement

  • CPU replacement*

  • CPU upgrades*

  • Memory upgrades*

  • Storage upgradaes*

  • OS migration*

  • Water damage reversal

  • Drive replacement*

*Not applicable to all laptops. Most Windows devices are upgradeable, while recent Macbooks are less so.

Desktop repairs

  • CPU replacement/upgrades

  • Memory upgrades/replacement

  • GPU upgrades/replacement

  • Storage upgrades

  • Cooling upgrades

  • Applying thermal paste

  • Cleaning out dust

  • Drive replacement

  • OS migration

  • CPU overclocking*

  • Graphics card overclocking*

  • Memory overclocking*

  • Fan replacement

*Results can vary. Not available for some desktops with BIOS-locked components. Many repairs listed here work on iMacs too.

Phone repairs

  • Battery replacement*

  • Display replacement

  • Applying thermal paste

  • Glass replacement*

  • Connector replacement*

  • Water damage reversal

*Requires motherboard replacement on some models.

Console repairs

  • Battery replacement*

  • Display replacement*

  • Joy-Con drift

  • Cooling upgrades

  • Cleaning out dust

  • Fan replacement

  • Modchip installation

*For handhelds and the Nintendo Switch only.

*PlayStation Vita consoles are not eligible for repairs.

Why are there no prices here?

We rely on donations to operate. If you're happy with our service, please consider supporting us to help us do what we love.